ali - inventory & routing manager

Ali began as a King of Pops vendor in 2015 and now she keeps things moving in our office. It's just swell. In her free time she enjoys writing, and just completed drafting her first novel! Ali also likes baking, comedy, and playing outside around Atlanta.

austin - Account manager atlanta, Chattanooga & nashvillle

Austin loves UGA football, audiobooks, his career here at Perfect 10 Foods, and sitting on beaches as opposed to walking on them. He has an embarrassing passion for musicals. But his favorite things are his awesome wife and goofy German Shepard.

Andy - sales manager & corporate accounts

Andy hails from Charleston, SC and helps manage sales and vendor relations for Perfect 10 Foods. Andy finds himself at home in both the mountains and the beach, but if forced to choose he's got to go with the beach!

allen - account manager charleston, columbia, savannah & myrtle beach

I'm a Charleston, SC native wouldn't have it any other way. I spend the free time I have outdoors; especially out on the water. My favorite thing to do is just kayaking through the marshes around Charleston and trying not to get lost. I like to think I know a thing or two about good food, so I'm proud to be "bringing the goods."

brendan - account manager atlanta, asheville & greenville

Brendan began as a King of Pops vendor way way back in the day and is now our longest tenured account manager covering Atlanta, Greenville and Asheville. He has beautiful hair and like some men has a full beard. In his free time he likes spending time with family, traveling to Cuba and staying active in the community. Sorry ladies, he's married!

jamey - account manager atlanta, birmingham & huntsville

Jamey started with King of Pops as an ace slinger in the streets of Atlanta. His love of bringing quality food to people naturally led to his position as account manager for Perfect 10 Foods. If you don't catch him working with markets around the city, he might be found playing soccer or reading a piece of modern literature.

jim - account manager athens, augusta & north georgia

"Never trust a skinny food sales rep!"

lib - accounts receivable manager

When Lib isn't focused on keeping the P10 books up to date she likes to kayak, plant flowers in the yard, hike and spend time with her family - namely her grandson Eli and brown lab Leroy, don't get their names confused! Also there is nobody who's truer to Nebraska Cornhusker football.



After receiving a law degree, and serving a stint as a prosecutor, Nick joined his brother Steven as a founding member of King of Pops and now heads up Perfect 10 Foods. Everywhere he goes he wins awards, including the prestigious Penn State Ice Cream School. Nick is an Eagle Scout, has been to more than 50 countries and hates cold sandwich meat.